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A very simple and small reader for the web

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Most of us have probably heard of Adobe Reader. It is arguably the best software in terms of Utilities PDF. But the program is capable of much more than what we expected.

In a nutshell, Adobe Reader's free version allows you to use and read PDF files, which are often used for important documents, scanned documents, forms that you need to fill out and then send in. This is what Adobe Reader does at its most basic level.

An all around reader

Whilst free to download, Adobe Reader will allow you to fulfil several needs that are often linked in with important documents or forms, such as Digital signing, verifying data, printing and collaboration. Adobe will also work with most of the mainstream operating systems, such as Windows, Mac and Linux, which makes it ideal for most users.

Most computers, when bought new, will have Adobe Reader already installed, and if they do not, it's more than likely you will be asked to download the program at some point to view various internet pages. As such, finding a source to download Adobe Reader from in a decently fast manner is relatively easy. The difference in terms of basic and advanced functions is very clear with for instance PDF Creator or PDF OCX.

Adobe really do have the monopoly on reading, editing, signing and printing PDF files. This is because no other program is as easy and clear to use as Adobe Reader. In addition, while other programs offer some of the services that Adobe does, none pack as much of a punch and certainly not for free. Adobe Reader can help with paperwork and will also help when it comes to signing forms and documents in a speedy fashion. The fact that Adobe Reader is free, is just an extra plus to the whole package!

Adobe Reader is an excellent tool for home and businesses alike.

  • Share tools
  • Simple interface
  • Lots of available plugins
  • Protected mode
  • Uses a large amount of resources
  • Can be slow at times

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Version Extension Size Version Architecture Platform Download zip 134.48MB 11.0 32 & 64 bits Windows Download zip 134.48MB 11.0 32 & 64 bits Windows 8 Download zip 49.47MB 9.4 N/A Mac Download zip 49.47MB 9.4 N/A Mac Download
Adobe Reader 11.0.3 Free Download screenshot